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Welcome to my Blog! I’m Frederik Werner and I identify as a Full Stack Analyst. This Blog is about everything in Analytics, be it technical or strategic topics, tutorials or general thoughts.

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2022 Offsite Content Roundup

Frederik Werner

Welcome to the first of potentially many posts in a newly-found yearly tradition. At some point during the year, I noticed that I don’t have a continuously updated list of the things I’ve been up to outside of this blog. And even besides that, it is sometimes hard to keep…

Adobe Launch Essentials Extension by Frederik Werner

Should you really build an Adobe Launch Extension?

Frederik Werner

Naming noticeFor reasons I may never understand, Adobe has chosen to rename its Tag Management System once again. After going through a number of names already (“Adobe Tag Manager”, “Dynamic Tag Management”, “Launch, by Adobe”) we are supposed to now call “Adobe Launch” by its intuitive new name “Adobe Experience…