Month: December 2019

How I contributed to Elasticsearch without writing any code

Open Source Software (OSS) is becoming more important each day. While in the early days, most software written was offered as proprietary products, today large products are available as OSS. On one hand this often includes the ability to use it for free and change it if needed. On the other hand, those projects rely on contributions by personal and corporate volunteers to maintain the software. But the process for that can be intimidating, since those big projects seem to large and professional for anyone to make a meaningful contribution. Bricking my Elasticsearch cluster I am using OSS for almost all my projects. For personal projects, I simply don’t have the resources to adopt large scale enterprise systems, and for professional projects it’s great to be able to save cost and help those projects grow. Like I’ve described before, I use Elasticsearch whenever I need to process logfiles or vastly […]