Call for contributions! Introducing the Open Adobe Analytics Component Repository

Over the last few months I created quite a lot of Calculated Metrics and Segments for this blog. While the feedback has been great, it became more and more difficult, for me and others, to keep up with all the different metrics and where exactly I used them. I’ve been using a privat Github repository to keep track of everything I create which I now make available to the public.

I will put all the metrics and segments I have already created on there as I migrate them from my private repo. The same will be true for future posts on my own blog. My hope is that this will help me stay on top of all those components and maybe help somebody else to find them more quickly. But since I host it on Github, why not make this a collaborative effort?

Share your work and earn kudos

From the conversations I had around my own posts, I know there are a lot of very talented people out there who would be able to contribute their thoughts and experience to make the content even better. With Github we might have the perfect tool to collaborate on the things I put up but also allow others to share their own work.

This is why I will be accepting pull requests on this repository. Literally anything in there is up to discussion. Right now I only created two metrics and some readmes to get started. The current structure looks like this:

Current Repo Structure

To help people get started with their own metrics and segments I also put some contribution templates in the respective folders. I want to keep things organized a bit, so those templates show what I feel may be helpful to include in the documentation:

Contribution template

For one of my metrics, the complete entry looks like this right now:

Metric documentation

It would be great if some people would actually start contributing to this! It’s a great chance to get your name out there along with other cool contributors. Even if you don’t have a metric or segment to share there is value in additional use cases or examples! With issues and pull requests we have a great way of managing the repo in the future.

As always, let me know what you think. See you on Github!