Building an automated content distribution environment for blogging – help wanted!

So, I would love to start blogging about tech, culture and other things. To do that, I looked at different platforms like, Medium and LinkedIn. Those are all sites that the posts should end up, without having to manually post it everywhere. Automation would be nice! But so far, I didn’t quite get there.

The setup

Let me start by pointing out, which platforms I want to put my content up to:

  • Websites for static content:
    • My Homepage, This has been my homepage over the years. It should host some static sites about me and this blog, which is a static version generated by a local WordPress instance (hosting my own WordPress publicly available is a maintenance nightmare). Unfortunately, WP2Static breaks while exporting the site via FTP, so it currently only redirects to my Github Pages page.
    • My Github Pages page, Since WP2Static can export directly to Github, I just quickly published the site there.
  • Blogging Sites for blog posts:
    • Homepage and Github Pages: Blog posts should be published there next to the static content.
    • Ever since I discovered this community, I loved the openness and helpful spirit. If I started blogging, it should be on there as well.
    • Medium: Medium is pretty diverse already, so an additional person talking about data, web analytics, and culture fits in nicely.
    • LinkedIn: Articles should be published there as well, at least for the culture related stuff.
  • Other:
    • Twitter: I’ve had a Twitter account for years now without using it to actually tweet out. Maybe this could be used too?

The process

Since I’m not completely sure of the longevity of my newly found hobby, I need a process to feed all channels listed above without manual labor or third party tools. This is how far I got:

  • I post an article on the local WordPress.
  • The local WordPress instance publishes the static site to Github Pages, which makes it pseudo-available on my homepage.
  • picks up the rss feed generated by WordPress and generates a post draft from that.

The stuckness

So that’s pretty neat for an afternoon of work. But now I’m quite stuck. If you have any experience with a similar project or some new ideas, please let me know!