Building your own Web Analytics from Log Files – Part 6: Conclusion

This is the sixth part of the six-part-series “Building your own Web Analytics from Log Files”.

In this series we built a rather sophisticated logging and tracking functionality for our website. We used OpenResty to identify and fingerprint our users via cookies, stored that information to log files which were shipped to Elasticsearch and visualized with Kibana.

Web Analytics democratized

By using those techniques, we are able to use what we already have (log file processing) to answer questions about our users. Under best conditions this doesn’t even lead to a bigger technical footprint.

This way we can have deep insights into our user behavior without external tools. Even as a startup or hobby developer you are now able to put the user first on your digital platforms.

Next steps

While this series is done for now we have a starting point to further build our platform. With some frontend code we would be able to basically build something like Google Analytics by our self. If we are willing to put in some extra effort even more complex solutions like Adobe Analytics could be rebuilt.

Even if this is not necessary, with this project we have a good starting point for further extension. We can build basically any tool for user tracking with this. It was fun to build and write those articles, hope it was some fun for you too! See you next time!