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Building your own Web Analytics from Log Files – Part 3: Setting up Nginx with OpenResty

This is the third part of the six-part-series “Building your own Web Analytics from Log Files”. Legal Disclaimer: This post describes how to identify and track the users on your website using cookies and browser fingerprinting. The information and process described here may be subject to data privacy regulations under your legislation. It is your responsibility to comply with all regulations. Please educate yourself if things like GDPR apply to your use case (which is very likely), and act responsibly. Identifying Users and Sessions One of our goals for this project is to be able to tell how many people are using our site. This means we need a way to differentiate between the users on our site. One approach would be to look at the IP addresses of our users. This is not very precise since all devices with the same internet connection share an IP address. Especially for […]