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So, is Web Analytics your dream job?

I’ve been working in Web Analytics for over a decade. During that time I had the pleasure to meet a lot of people: Analysts, product owners, marketeers, architects, developers, and so on. I hired a bunch of them, applied to others myself, onboarded and trained a whole lot over the years. No matter who I’ve […]

Adobe Analytics Introduction: Terms and Concepts

This is one of several post aiming to give an introduction into Adobe Analytics. They are intended as both tutorials and references for future use. While there already are a lot of good sources for this, some are quite dated and miss connections to recently released features and enhancements. In this post, I will explain […]

Analysis Workspace Hacks (AGE) – Metric Targets

This is a post in the Adam-Greco-Edition (AGE) series of posts. They aim to iterate on some great posts by Adam Greco, showing some different approaches to achieve similar things. In another great Post, Adam Greco showed how we can have Metric Targets in Analysis Workspace. His approach includes setting up a Data Source to […]

Analysis Workspace Hacks (AGE) – Average Daily Unique Visitors

This is a post in the Adam-Greco-Edition (AGE) series of posts. They aim to iterate on some great posts by Adam Greco, showing some different approaches to achieve similar things. In one of his posts Adam Greco shows a way to replicate the Daily Unique Visitors Metric from Reports & Analytics in Analysis Workspace. His […]

Analysis Workspace Hacks – Next and Previous Page Report

Analysis Workspace is the most capable solution for Web Analysts today. It allows us to switch between building a Dashboard or old-school Report or something in the middle on the fly. It has surpassed the old Reports & Analytics Interface in functionality and workflow effectiveness and leaves you longing for it once you start using […]

Analysis Workspace Hacks – Link Events on Page Reports

Adobe Analytics gives us two types of events to use for our tracking implementation. With Page Tracking (calling s.t() in Websites or trackState() in Apps) we are supposed to measure when a page has been viewed. If we want to measure interactions on a given page, we would use Custom Link Tracking ( in Web […]

Blogging Ideas for 2020

So, 2020 is here. Happy updated-copyright-notice! While I need to republish my website because of just that, why not think about what to write in the new year? Here are some ideas of what I may spent an article on: Adobe Analytics. Obvious choice, topics may be: Starting tips, explanations and tutorials. Give some definitions […]

How I contributed to Elasticsearch without writing any code

Open Source Software (OSS) is becoming more important each day. While in the early days, most software written was offered as proprietary products, today large products are available as OSS. On one hand this often includes the ability to use it for free and change it if needed. On the other hand, those projects rely […]

Why the new Unspecified filter in Adobe’s Analysis Workspace is the worst thing ever

It’s hard for me to write a post like this. It’s no secret: For the last years I spent in web analytics, I’ve become a huge fan of Adobe Analytics if it fits your company. I got to know all the intricate inner workings and the beautiful interface they call Analysis Workspace. But the recent […]

My automated Blogging and Content Syndication Setup

A while ago, my first blog entry was about my thoughts for setting up my Blogging environment. Since I wrote that post, I went down different paths and tried out some setups. This is what I ended up with and how I got there. Initial attempt My first attempt was to use WordPress in my […]

Building an automated content distribution environment for blogging – help wanted!

So, I would love to start blogging about tech, culture and other things. To do that, I looked at different platforms like, Medium and LinkedIn. Those are all sites that the posts should end up, without having to manually post it everywhere. Automation would be nice! But so far, I didn’t quite get there. […]