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So, is Web Analytics your dream job?

I’ve been working in Web Analytics for over a decade. During that time I had the pleasure to meet a lot of people: Analysts, product owners, marketeers, architects, developers, and so on. I hired a bunch of them, applied to others myself, onboarded and trained a whole lot over the years. No matter who I’ve […]

Blogging Ideas for 2020

So, 2020 is here. Happy updated-copyright-notice! While I need to republish my website because of just that, why not think about what to write in the new year? Here are some ideas of what I may spent an article on: Adobe Analytics. Obvious choice, topics may be: Starting tips, explanations and tutorials. Give some definitions […]

Hello, world!

All things need a starting point. This is mine; Not the first one, but nevertheless. I have always played with the thought of going into blogging and producing content more. I’ve done this internally at the companies i’ve been with but never put my content out there for the rest of the world to see. […]